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House of Marley

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House of Marley

Founded just in 2010 but with years of previous experience with audio technology, House of Marley provides superior headphones, earphones and speakers to artists and music gurus around the world. Inspired by Bob Marley, their funky reggae styles will blow you away and their earth friendly features will be sure to impress. The products are developed from certified woods, canvases, hemp and recyclable aluminium so listening to your favourite music couldn't get any friendlier

House of Marley's main goal which they never fail to achieve is to provide immense sound with powerful bass and mid's so no matter which product you choose from their fantastic range you can be sure that the sound quality will always be superior. The House of Marley also support 1Love which is a global charity which supports the planet, youth and peace which adds to the whole Bob Marley emulation which they achieve

The product range provided by House of Marley isn't just audio based, in fact far from it. They also provide the likes of bags, sunglasses and other miscellaneous items which may interest you. Just like the headphones, earphones and speakers, the apparel is also made from earth friendly materials such as recycled materials and water dyes

If you are a DJ / artist or just want a stylish pair of headphones for listening to your favourite music then it will most definitely be worth your while looking through House of Marley's extended range of stylish and modern products. There is something for everyone so you will be sure to find something suitable. A lot of House of Marley's products also come in a variety of different stylish colours so be sure to flick through each of our products to see the full range that's on offer

Over the recent years, House of Marley has focused on what the customers really want and from there they implement a creative solution in to their products. It just goes to show how dedicated this company are to developing fantastic products for their customers around the world

Check out our fantastic range of House of Marley products which we have available for sale and you may just find the perfect set of headphones or earphones that you can use for your activities, whether it be recording, monitoring or just listening to your favourite tracks. On that note, the earphones and headphones are compatible with iPhones, iPad's, smart phones and other devices which support a 3.5mm jack connection

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