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Braven Speakers

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Braven Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, Braven is a company that you should definitely look out for. Their product range is very impressive with the speakers being available in different sizes, colours and all with different features. Braven Bluetooth Speakers have really moved on since the beginning when the 600 series were popular and they've went all-out and developed some nifty speakers that not only provide exceptional sound, but are completely waterproof too. These are known as the Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth Speaker

All of these immense features, Bluetooth compatibility and waterproof systems... Surely the Braven Bluetooth Speakers can't get any better you are most probably saying to yourself right now. Well, you are wrong! Completely wrong in fact as on top of all the great features provided by these speaker systems, you can also take phone calls via your iPhone or Smart Phone thanks to the integrated microphone and don't worry if your talk time extends above normal hours as you can charge your mobile devices directly from the speakers

The Braven Bluetooth Speakers range includes the Braven 570, Braven 600, Braven 625s, Braven 650 and Braven BRV-1. All series are compact and extremely easy to carry around with you and this is part of the reason as to what makes the Braven Bluetooth Speaker a perfect companion for the outdoor adventurer, particularly the BRV-1 series seen as it's completely waterproof and can handle almost any weather condition

Another one of the great things about the Braven Bluetooth Speakers is that each of the series are available in a new, modern and stylish colour that will fit perfect with almost any room interior. They are also maintained and cleaned easily with a cloth wipe revealing an all-new product again

If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, then Braven is a perfect solution. Check out their fantastic range and you will be blown away. Each of the speakers comes with a manufacturer's warranty too which just goes to show you their exceptional confidence within their product range. Also being cost-effective, it's an affordable solution for almost anyone

With Braven, connecting your speaker to your iPhone, Smart Phone or any other Bluetooth enabled device is as easy as pie. You simply connect the Bluetooth just as you would to connect any other Bluetooth device and you're all set to go. Once your setup, you can start listening to and enjoying your favourite tracks and playlists
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