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Monster Speakers

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  1. Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker

    Stream music via Bluetooth Technology or 3.5mm Jack to the Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker

    The Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker gives 5 hours of playtime per single charge

    The Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker enables you to take calls thanks to the built-in noise cancelling microphone

    The Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker delivers exceptional sound quality and is extremely portable and lightweight Learn More

  2. Monster ClarityHD Model One Speaker

    The Monster ClarityHD Model One Speaker produces crystal clear sound and clear dynamic highs

    The Monster ClarityHD Model One Speaker is compact in size and extremely lightweight so can be carried anywhere via the built-in carry handle

    Stream music via 3.5mm Jack, ipod dock or RCA inputs to the Monster ClarityHD Model One Speaker

    Comes in a variety of 4 stylish and smart looking colours Learn More

  3. Monster-ClarityHD Micro Interchangeable Grill

    Change the style of your Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker with these stylish and colourful Monster ClarityHD Micro Interchangeable Grills

    Available in 3 colours which will fit anyones budget

    The Monster ClarityHD Micro Interchangeable Grill is easy to hook up to your Monster ClarityHD Micro Bluetooth Speaker Learn More

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Monster speakers

Release the beast from your records with Monster speakers. The company was established in the 80s who served as an innovator of high quality audio cables for different applications. Nowadays, the Monster speakers are globally recognized, offering consumers with a wide range of high quality products with top notch audio engineering, high quality materials and innovative design. Monster speakers are beasts in their own unique way, with its stunning, bold design and captivating performance ideal for home use. If you want a proper set of speakers for your mobile devices or portable multimedia devices, the Monster speakers can offer top notch performance fit to your needs

Monster speakers seem to be more flash than actual function, but they are incredibly powerful audio innovations fitting your needs. Stunning shapes, and futuristic appeal, you can never go wrong with Monster speakers if you like pieces that resemble modern art, revealing purist shapes, stunning geometry and unique functionality that looks perfectly well on your desk. For those who like accessories and devices that make a statement, Monster speakers definitely provide the most persuasive kind, giving consumers a unique appeal that you can definitely enjoy. With its stunning innovation and top notch appeal, the Monster speakers are definitely ideal for those who like bold design with their music

Monster speakers are not just flashy in terms of design. Play your music with incredible clarity, and richness and you will know why it is so popular across the world. Monster speakers are basically high performance speakers that fit your budget, lifestyle and any type of music source. Dock your mobile devices on Monster speakers and they will play sweet music together. Monster speakers are designed to function well with top notch devices

The Monster speakers are designed, developed and tested by the best in the industry: engineers, designers, artists, and acousticians have been tapped to create stunning works of art and technology for those seeking the most entertaining speakers in the market. the Monster speakers are designed from ground up, focusing on all details including the inputs, amp, cables, preamp, cabinetry, drivers and other important components to provide a complete suite of digital music experience right on your desk or table

Monster is not just about fancy styles and technical specs: it is all about pure music experience. Once you have heard your favorite song on Monster speakers, you will never want to pick any other brand to listen to your own music. Enjoy top notch audio experience that only Monster speakers can provide
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