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Sonoro Speakers

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  1. Sonoro CuboDock iPod Dock

    Stream music via Bluetooth Technology, the iPod Dock or the 3.5mm Jack to the Sonoro Cubodock Ipod Dock

    The Sonoro Cubodock Ipod Dock's wooden exterior is home to a built-in Neodymium Woofer for impressive sound quality and stylish look

    The Sonoro Cubodock Ipod Dock is available in a variety of bright and modern colours and is extremely lightweight

    Iphones and Ipods can be charged during playtime on The Sonoro Cubodock Ipod Dock Learn More

  2. Sonoro Troy iPod Dock

    The Sonoro Troy Ipod Dock allows you to play music, control and charged your docked device all at the same time

    The Sonoro Troy Ipod Dock is available in a variety of stunning colours

    Stream music via the iPod Dock or the 3.5mm Jack to the Sonoro Troy Ipod Dock

    The Sonoro Troy Ipod Dock features a powerful load speaker that never fails to impress

    The exterior of the Sonoro Troy Ipod Dock is wooden and felt and the housing can store all unwanted cables to avoid mess and tangles Learn More

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Sonoro iPod Docks

Using only the finest components to deliver exceptional sound, the German audio company Sonoro is by far one of the most sophisticated and intelligent brands. The Sonoro iPod Docks are sleek, modern and extremely powerful. The engineers bring creativity, joy and true passion to each and every one of their products which make them the new-age of iPod Docks. So new in fact that it makes the competitors look as if they are still stuck in the 1950's

The eye catching designs of the Sonoro iPod Docks is an award winner and you can be sure that you'll find something suitable for your home interior. There is literally something there for everyone and the prices are great too. Just check out some of the features of the Sonoro iPod Docks that you are missing out on:

  • Wooden case design that's hand polished to perfection
  • Integrated top of the range PLL radio tuner
  • Up-right facing speaker for louder sound
  • Complete with alarm clock and snooze features
  • Can be connected to any iPod, smart phone or MP3 player
  • Compact in size and complete with headphone connection
  • Control tracks directly from the dock or via the media device
  • Available in a variety of different colours and designs

  • There are loads more features to the Sonoro iPod Docks, with the above just being a selected handful. As we've already mentioned, the docks are compact in size, and when we say this we really mean it. Their immense cube-like shapes make them so easy to carry around with you and can fit in even the tightest of spots

    The AUX-IN feature will allow you to connect your iPhone, iPod, Smart Phone, MP3 Player, PC or Laptop quickly and easily, and once connected, you will be able to listen to all your favourite tracks and playlists in your library. Some of the docks also come complete with integrated control buttons that will allow you to play, pause, skip track and stop directly from the unit itself which makes your life even easier

    Check out our range of Sonoro iPod Docks today and see for yourself what you are missing out on. Prepare to be amazed! With so many people using these iPod docks, there will of course be a lot of feedback so make sure you check those out and you will see for yourself as to how good these iPod docks by Sonoro really are
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